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ISO 900X

ISO 900X is a family of international standards published by the ISO for the installation and management volunteers in the companies of a quality management system. These standards apply as well to the manufacture and the distribution of products as to the provisions of services.

They are "generic" standards, which means that the same standards can be applied to any organization, large or small, whatever its product - which can be in fact a service - independently of the branch of industry and which the organization is a company, a public administration or a governmental department.

They deal with the manner of working of an organization and not directly of the result of sound travail. In other terms, they treat processes, and not products. Nevertheless, the way in which the organization manages its processes has incidences on its end product.

The objective of the standards ISO 900X is to ensure that this organization can regularly provide products or services which fulfill the requirements of the customers as regards quality.

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