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The ISO 22000 is an international standard relating to the safety of the foodstuffs.

ISO 22000 is besides an abbreviation of its current heading, which is ISO 22000:2005 Systems of safety management of the foodstuffs - Requirements for the organizations on all the levels of the food chain.

ISO means International Organization for Standardization (International Standardization Organization).

2005 correspond to the version of the standard (that of the year 2005).

As for 22000, it corresponds to the identification number of the standard. Normally, an ISO project receives a number chooses randomly by a computer: for this one, it was the 20543. But the German experts underlined the fact that this figure was difficult to retain and that it did not emphasize the importance of this project, as the standards of the series ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 do it. This is why, the Secretary-general of the ISO authorized this project to carry a "round" figure more, the 22000.

The publication of the ISO 22000 took place on September 1, 2005.

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