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Because the name of the International Standardization Organization would give place to different abbreviations according to languages' ("IOS" in English and French "OIN"), it was decided to adopt a word derived from the Greek isos, meaning "equal". The shortened form of the name of the organization is consequently always ISO.

The ISO 22000 is the fruit of the work of group WT 8 Systems of security management of food of technical committee ISO/TC 34, Foodstuff of the ISO.

This draft standard was subjected in 2001 to the ISO by the Danish Association of Standardization (DS-Danish Standard) in order to harmonize at the international level the reference frames related to the safety of food. Since, experts of 23 country and organizations in connections, like the Confederation of Agroalimentary Industries of the European Union (CIAA), the Commission of the Alimentarius Codex, the International association of the hotels and restaurants, the World Initiative for Food Safety (GFSI) and World Food Safety Organization (WFSO) joined to work out this standard.

The DIS (Draft International Standard) was approved on November 18, 2004, with 38 yes against 3 not (Australia, Japan, France).

The FDIS (Final Draft International Standard) was subjected to the vote members until July 5, 2005, and it was approved.

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